Here are some of recommended frames for Quads, Copters, Drones, whatever you like to call them. But don’t ever call them „Drohne“. The best drone frame is … ? There is no best frame. But there are some that are better for some applications than others. Here’s our recommendation.

Dr. Drone Prätoria

The Prätoria 5″ orignially is intended as a racing frame, because it’s kind of unbreakable and still relatively light. However, the design also makes it perfect as a cinematic copter, because of the low noise profile. Check out the last picture in the filtering tutorial article of the PID Toolbox spectral analzer. Meaning, it almost has no vibrations that would interfere with high quality video recording. It can be used for analog or digital FPV systems. It will even fit the fat DJI Air Unit.

Dr. Drone Prätoria Frame

Dr. Drone Prätoria

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Build Documentation at Rotorbuilds

3D Model Files for the Prätoria

Weemix Xplora Frame

The Xplora 3″ is an ultralight design that is capable of carrying a vista air unit, and still stay below 250g with battery and naked gopro. So, it’s perfect for very low risc operations. In Europe it can fly close to people (Fluggebiet A1). With about > 10 Minutes flytime it is a good longrange as well making 4k videos with the naked gopro.

Xplora 3" Frame

Xplora 3″

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Build Documentation at Rotorbuilds

3D Model Files for the Xplora